What does it mean if your face is not symmetrical?

Two sidesThis man presents a more determined chin to the world than he really possesses…

Whether they come from the face you were born with, or the way you use your face, your left-right differences are interesting.

Some of them are driven by how freely you are willing to show your true self to others.

Most of us are right-eye dominant, and look mainly at the right side of other people’s faces. There’s a level on which we know this, so we may show our emotions freely on our left side but suppress some before others see them on our right side. With all that extra use, our left side may be wrinklier.

Can I change my face?

You may think your face is pretty fixed, but actually you are slowly shaping it by the way you’re living your life each day.

For example, the research is that married couples faces grow more similar over time, as they share a lifestyle and an emotional world over the course of decades.

You are in charge of your face!  Or at least, you have some control over it.

How do I make it more symmetrical?

To develop a more symmetrical face, SHOW your emotions. Let the world see your true self.

Have fun really being you!

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