What does it mean if your face is not symmetrical?

Two sidesThis man presents a more determined chin to the world than he really possesses…

Whether they come from the face you were born with, or the way you use your face, your left-right differences are interesting.

Some of them are driven by how freely you are willing to show your true self to others.

Most of us are right-eye dominant, and look mainly at the right side of other people’s faces. There’s a level on which we know this, so we may show our emotions freely on our left side but suppress some before others see them on our right side. With all that extra use, our left side may be wrinklier.

Can I change my face?

You may think your face is pretty fixed, but actually you are slowly shaping it by the way you’re living your life each day.

For example, the research is that married couples faces grow more similar over time, as they share a lifestyle and an emotional world over the course of decades.

You are in charge of your face!  Or at least, you have some control over it.

How do I make it more symmetrical?

To develop a more symmetrical face, SHOW your emotions. Let the world see your true self.

Have fun really being you!

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Which is your decision making style?

The three zones

Three zones The three zones show how you like to make decisions.

‘Mental’ decision makers like to really think about it, do their research, and weigh up the pros and cons. Trying to rush them will probably generate a panicked ‘no!’

‘Practical’ decision makers are business-like, efficient and economical.  They’ll make a pragmatic decision, efficiently, based on value for money, convenience and what’s going to ‘work’ the best.

‘Emotional’ decision makers listen to their instincts and feelings.  They walk into a house, and just know whether it’s the house for them.  They see the shiny red handbag, and they just must have it.

Useful in understanding others

What does your mum’s face say?  Or your boss’s face?

The woman above doesn’t want to spend her time thinking through the details. She does listen to her instinct, but ultimately her practical zone is dominant. She’ll choose the option which saves her time, energy and money.

A clear signal of how to influence someone

So, you only need look at someone to see how best to influence them.  There’s no point telling the mental decision maker that the new initiative is going ‘feel fantastic’.  You need to give them a dossier and ask them if you can come back in a week for their decision.

And you won’t get an emotional decision maker on board by telling them that although everyone’s more excited about option A, the team’s decided to go with option B because it’s cheaper…

Your three zones

It’s about the balance in your face of these three zones:

  • From your hairline to the top of your eyebrows (mental)
  • From the top of your eyebrows to the bottom of your nose (practical)
  • From the bottom of your nose to the bottom of your chin (emotional)

It’s not so much the length of each zone, but more its overall weight and prominence within your face.

What if I have two the same?

Then you may find it a challenge figuring out which one is going to rule each decision!

What if all three are the same?

Well, maybe you have a beautiful harmony between all three styles of decision making.

Or, maybe you have a lot of trouble choosing between what your research tells you, what seems practical, and what tickles your fancy.

Does this apply to every decision?

Your face is reflecting your likely decision making style for important decisions.  Hopefully even a ‘mental’ decision maker doesn’t need to do an extensive research before choosing which sandwich to eat for lunch.  And of course it’s for you to say what an important decision is.

When you buy shoes, do you just fall straight in love with the sequinned rainbow pair?

Or, would you rule those out because they wouldn’t get enough wears and go with enough outfits?

Or, even if it will be the sequins in the end, do you have to visit every shoe store first just to double check that you’re making the right choice?

Happy shopping!

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Your Metal features

In Chinese medicine your lungs, large intestine, skin and immune system all reflect your Metal energy.

If your Metal energy is out of balance, this can be visible in your face, and  may be driven by:

  • Lifestyle factors like diet or smoking
  • Life experiences such as dealing with loss
  • Your constitution (are you a Metal constitution?)
  • External pathogens – in Chinese medicine the lungs are knows as the ‘fragile organ’ and have the job of catching nasty coughs and colds when external pathogens try to barge their way into our bodies
  • Seasonal change – the shift to autumnal weather can be tough on your Metal energy

A bright white complexion

When your Metal energy is taxed, for example during a chest infection, after a significant loss, or simply from your constitution, a ‘bright white’ colour may feature across your complexion.

Hollow cheeks

Any hollowing in your cheeks suggest some depletion of your immune system, known in Chinese medicine as your defensive ‘Wei Qi’.

A line across your philtrum

Your philtrum is the area between your nose and your mouth.

If you have a horizontal line across your philtrum, this tells us your lungs and energy level will really appreciate some top quality breathing.  Consider a discipline that works with your breath, like meditation or yoga.

Redness from your nose to your mouth corners

This is your large intestine channel, in Chinese Medicine.  Redness here suggests inflammation in that area.

Taking care of your Metal energy

If your Metal energy is looking strained, take some time to look after yourself:

  • Put some work into processing your losses, and setting free what can no longer be held
  • Eat some ‘pungent’ foods like garlic and onions, to strengthen your lungs and your immune system
  • Breathe exquisitely healthy breaths – give up smoking, take up Tai Chi or yoga or meditation.

And  my Five Element reference cards are packed with other ways to nourish your Metal Energy.

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