About Jessica

When Jessica trained as an acupuncturist she became more and more interested in how our health and character are reflected in our bodies and faces. She studied Chinese face reading with Lillian Bridges, an internationally renowned face-reader, author and teacher.

Jessica has done mini face readings in London at the Science Museum, Selfridges, the Mind Body Soul show and the Vitality Show.  Also at corporate events organised by Workplace Therapies, Lexis PR, Red Consultancy, Blue Rubicon PR and Bourjois cosmetics.

Her face reading has been featured in Heat magazine, and Jessica has been interviewed on Colourful radio in the UK and WRL in Ireland.

Five Element reference cards

Jessica is also known internationally for her Five Element reference cards.  Chinese face reading is steeped in the ancient wisdom of the Five Element model, and the cards explore the five elemental constitutions, and ways to nourish each one.

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