Unique gifts  


Easy to give, special to receive

Chinese face readings make beautiful gifts.  They're easy to give and have a personal touch.


You'll receive a pretty gift voucher to give to your mum/other half/best friend/the happy couple.  Then they arrange to come and have their

face(s) read by Jessica at a time to suit them, and they'll take away a unique written analysis.  They can have it framed at the end of the reading ready to go on their wall. You can come too and have your face read at the same time!  Get in touch to get started.


An unusual wedding present

Give the happy couple something that will really be unique to them - 'his and hers' face readings, a pretty pair to hang on the wall in their home together.


A special treat for your mum

(or your best friend)

Keen to know what's written all over your best friend's face?  Or your mum's?  Give them a treat they won't have had before, with a face reading that's all about them.  Or you can come too, and make it quality time that's all about both of you!


A perfect Christmas present

Overwhelmed by Christmas shopping?  Dreading the high street?  A face reading takes just moments to buy and still shows you've chosen something that will be perfectly tailored to them.


The ideal gift for the person

who has everything

Having trouble working out what your loved one really needs as a present?  A face reading is something they surely won't have already.  It shows you care, without them having to find space for more socks or ornaments!

A unique birthday gift

Not sure what to give this time?  A face reading is a fun gift that shows you're interested in their individual quirks.


An unforgettable gift for

Valentine's or your anniversary

What could be more romantic than spending time hearing all about your loved one's personality and potentials?  Buy your other half a face reading and come along for the ride.  Or buy one for yourself too, and see what it is that's making you fit together so well as a couple.


And ideal for mum & dad's anniversary too

Have your parents (or grandparents) grown more alike over the years?  Give them a novel treat, and look forward to hearing what their faces have to say about them.





How much does it cost?

For one person

Duration: 30-45 mins

Cost: 40

For two people

Duration: 60-80 mins

Cost: 60


At the end of the consultation the analysis can be framed for 7.50 per person. 


Jessica face reading practice is in London SE1, a few minutes walk from Waterloo station.


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