Face reading  

A brief introduction...

Your face speaks volumes about your health, personality, inherited and acquired traits, life experiences and potentials:


The ancient art of Chinese face reading starts by looking at the overall proportions of your face:


The three zones show how you like to make decisions. ‘Mental’ people like to really think about it, and weigh up the pros and cons. ‘Practical’ people are business-like, efficient and economical. ‘Emotional’ people listen to their instincts and feelings. You only need look at someone to see how best to influence them!

The woman above doesn’t want to spend her time thinking through the details. She does listen to her instinct, but ultimately her practical zone is dominant. She’ll choose the option which saves her time, energy and money.

  Most of us are right-eye dominant, and look mainly at the right side of other people’s faces. We may show our emotions freely on our left side but suppress some before others see them on our right side, so our left side may be wrinklier!

Left-right differences are interesting. The man above presents a more determined chin to the world than he really possesses...

To develop a more symmetrical face, SHOW your emotions.


And from there Chinese face reading delves into layers and layers of detail about your health, character, traits, life experiences and potentials...


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