Recommended books  


Great books for everyone


THE book on Chinese face reading.  Detailed and clear.

A great overview of what acupuncture's all about, written for acupuncture patients, including an exploration of the five Elemental constitutions. An appealing translation of the I Ching.  This ancient Taoist text can be consulted as an oracle, and incorporates  Five Element wisdom. Lovely book of seasonal rituals, combining the Five Elements and Ayurveda.
And in more detailed, eg for acupuncture practitioners


Wonderful book on Five Element acupuncture, from the principals of the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.

Poetic exploration of the Five Elements.  Info on how to nourish each constitution with acupuncture, Qi Kung, Feng Shui, and food. In-depth tome on dietary therapy, within a Chinese Medicine framework.  



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