About Jessica  


Face reading

Jessica is an acupuncturist and has become more and more interested in how our health and character are reflected in our bodies and faces.  She studied Chinese face reading with Lillian Bridges, an internationally renowned face-reader, author and teacher.


Chinese face reading is steeped in the ancient wisdom of the Five Element model, and Jessica's Five Element reference cards explore the five elemental constitutions, and ways to nourish each one.






Jessica is one of those brave souls who have jacked in high-flying conventional careers to pursue something they feel passionate about.  She's an Oxford graduate, a Chartered Accountant, and had reached Senior Manager level in PricewaterhouseCoopers before resigning for a complete change of direction.  Her new life is as rewarding as anyone could hope for practising the intricate disciplines of Chinese face reading and Chinese Medicine. 


Jessica has travelled extensively in Asia, has lived in Japan and America, and has a diverse range of interests from website design to dog walking.






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